Aaron Matos
Aaron is passionate about recruiting and has started numerous successful companies in the recruiting space; which have served tens of thousands of clients and millions of job seekers. He is the founder/former CEO of Jobing.com and Recruiting.com. Prior to becoming a tech executive, Aaron spent over 8 years as an HR professional. Today, he’s the full-time CEO of Paradox.
Olivia Matos
Co-Founder/The Real Olivia
Olivia's passion to serve the community and deliver amazing service was part of the inspiration for our AI assistant, aptly named Olivia. Olivia's experience in recruiting and community involvement helped to create the original persona of our tools, and drove the passion for how we build AI tools that communicate with empathy, practicality, and respect for the job seeker. In Olivia's other life, she's the Executive Director of the Arizona Coyotes Foundation.
Marc Chesley
Marc is a software industry pioneer who was the CTO at Infusionsoft, helping the company from startup to over $100mm in revenue, as well as leading other fast-growth software companies as CEO and President. Marc has broad responsibility in the organization including leading product & engineering, serving as general counsel, and partnering with Aaron in growing the company and serving our clients.
Jessica Rush
Jessica loves working at the intersection of recruitment, marketing and technology. Spending most of her career running operations and employer marketing for talent acquisition technologies and recruitment media platforms, Jessica understands the industry and has worked closely with thousands of hiring organizations to improve their recruiting success. Jessica is responsible for the brand execution, digital and experiential marketing, and marketing operations at Paradox.
Ben Bromberg
Head of Client Success
Ben is obsessed with helping our clients and ensuring their success. Ben works with enterprise client engagements and support, and has worked in HR tech and employment media in the past. Ben also ran operations and sales at Apollo group. Ben has earned his MBA and taken executive education at Kellogg at Northwestern and the University of Chicago.
Kat Drum
Head of Agency
Kat runs our agency relations and supports enterprise clients. Kat’s is a well known industry veteran who was Head of Employment Brand & Social at both Starbucks and Research in Motion (RIM/Blackberry) - and has extensive experiences in employment branding and communications at Hodes, AON Hewitt, and Expedia. There are few others who’ve lead employment branding at such large enterprises and are as passionate about transforming recruiting.
Rob McIntosh
Chief AI Evangelist
Rob is a recruiting professional by trade, and one of the most respected recruiting executives having served as VP of Talent Acquisition at McKesson; SVP Global TA at Avanade, and lead sourcing at Deloitte and Microsoft. Rob was also an analyst at ERE Media, has served on the advisor at HCI, and was a cofounder of SourceCon.
Sylvia Miller
Head of Channel Partnership
Sylvia heads our channel partnerships with HCM technology companies & engagement with enterprise clients. She has extensive experience as a recruiter, running her own agency, and building software companies. Sylvia’s helped thousands of enterprises with employment media, recruiting tech, and employment branding - and she’s passionate about partnering with leading organizations to impact the recruiting process.