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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPOs have been changing recruitment for enterprises around the world. Our RPO solutions are having amazing success because we accomplish real tangible outcomes for our RPO clients; including enhancing candidate engagement, improving recruiter efficiencies, delivering candidate response, and lowering time-to-fill.

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Ben Bromberg
Ben Bromberg
VP, Client Success

Ad Agencies

Your clients trust you to build their employment brand, deliver them qualified candidates, and to sort out the complexities of the market. We get it, and we’re here to help you shine with innovative technology tools that provide real results. If your clients are curious about AI or assistant technology, or just need to improve processes - give us a shout and get to know more about how we can help your agency.

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Kat Drum
Kat Drum
VP, Agency Partnerships


Our candidate and recruiter engagement tools have been built to integrate with the entire HR tech ecosystem, from ATS providers to HCM suites to full ERP. We can easily integrate in various ways through our open API. Our channel technology team is happy to work with your organization to optimize our products for your technology.

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Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller
VP, Channel Partnerships